The world most beautiful aluminum mud guard is made in a small factory located in Sumida district, TOKYO. Since 1949, their guards have been attached to variety of bicycles such as Randonneur, Tourer, and Sportif and provided a brilliant design and function in their history.

What are we able to achieve through this new bike culture not to let it disappear like a small wave? This is all about a bicycle, but we do not want to end up as just a bicycle itself, but also a society, nature, products, needs, and possibly would like to relate to build our own city. We believe that our action is going to make the world better place by our hands and brains. Honjo 本所工研 is the one that we are able to share the idea of the future together. We are going to provide a standard and the latest products to you through this small manufacturing with lots of love.

The role of a mudguard is literally to remove mud. From daily life to long-distance touring, the comfortable performance it brings to the rider and the dustproof performance to the drivetrain are extremely useful. Wear a surprisingly light and beautiful Honjo mudguard.