MKS is the pedal brand of Mikashima Industrial Company Limited. The Mikashima Industrial Company was founded as an aircraft component manufacturer in 1943, converted its operations to pedal manufacturing in 1946, and was established as a limited company in 1949.

Our 70+ years of operations have been managed by the Ogino family, and is currently led by President Toshiyuki Ogino with guidance from Chairman Kohichro Ogino.

MKS has persevered when most of our competitors have failed. There was estimated to be 40 pedal manufactures in Japan in 1946, while only 2 remain today.

The know-how accumulated over our history is the D.N.A. of our products.

We combine our firsthand experiences in the bicycle business, our highly skilled technicians -who adjust every cup and cone bearing by hand, and our ability to utilize materials other companies cannot work with- from using the harder grade of aluminum “ADC6” instead of the common “ADC12” for our pedal bodies, to the Japanese steel we cold forge onsite for our axles to make superior products that not only function extremely well, but are designed to last.

As our chairman likes to say about the company’s origins “we just had to make good products, regardless of what other people say”.