Serra Anatomica is currently the only manufacturer of handmade leather saddles made in the United States. Developed in 2007 by Tom Milton, a long-distance based ultra cyclist, based on his many years of cycling experience and research. Today, his family takes over the development in San Diego, California, and the manufacturing is carefully handmade one by one at the manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. When a bicycle and a person become one, the saddle is the center of gravity. Sera Anatomica first focused on the movement of the human body in designing its comfortable saddle. Since both legs move separately on a bicycle, the idea that the saddle should also match the movement created "THE SLOT (center hole)". This allows the ends of the saddle to move freely under the sitting bones, relieving stress on the seating surface. Billed as "the world's most comfortable touring leather saddle", this Serra Anatomica saddle will allow you to traverse hundreds of thousands of kilometers without much difficulty.

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